We are excited to announce that GIFT Grand Rapids has been moving and shaping in 2019!  Our President/CEO, Jonathan Farman, has graciously accepted the position of Executive Director.  

Who better to tell about that change than Jonathan himself:

“Many of you may not know that for the past five years, I have been leading this organization as a volunteer.  During that time, I blended the responsibilities of executive director and president into any spare time I might find in my schedule.  Throughout this last lustrum, I have learned many valuable lessons about the role my leadership plays within this organization. This change in responsibility will allow me to focus on the day-to-day life of GIFT and hone in on programming; specifically, programming that continues the creation of safe spaces for LGBT+ teens attending Christian schools in and around Grand Rapids.  

As you can imagine, when one person is in charge of two significant roles within an organization, it can be hard to stay focused on the details.  With these new changes, I am excited to see GIFT flourish in new and meaningful ways. I am confident in my leadership and vision for GIFT and believe in demonstrating a mission that shares God’s love to all LGBT+ people of faith.  God is leading each step we take as an organization, and our eyes continue to be steadfast on the path He is creating in front of us. “

Thank you for believing in GIFT Grand Rapids!  We appreciate your support throughout this next chapter.  We are grateful for the prayers and positive energy that have been funneled towards us.  We ask that you continue to share our mission with schools and churches who are ready to create inclusive spaces within their walls.  If you know of LGBT+ individuals who require support and community, please send them our way!

BIG changes offer even BIGGER opportunities. Stay tuned for more to come.